Price list

Medical consultations

Aesthetic medicine
MD Aneta Szulska-Schoepp
200 PLN
MD Andrzej Schoepp
200 PLN
Vascular surgeon
DMedSc Maciej Wojtanowski
200 PLN
Writing an e-prescription 150 PLN
Issuing a medical opinion 400 PLN


Acne treatment - setting a course of cure 300 PLN
Dermatoscopic examination of birthmarks from 300 PLN
Trichoscopic examination 300 PLN
Removal of scars, stretch marks from 400 PLN
Closing blood vessels - face, body from 200 PLN
Removal of skin lesions - coagulation from 300 PLN
Removal of skin lesions - surgery from 400 PLN
Laser Therapy VPL from 400 PLN
Cryotherapy from 200 PLN

Dark spot removal

Dermamelan treatment + cream 1550 PLN
Dermamelan cream 600 PLN
Dark spot points removal from 200 PLN

Medical Peels

Corundum Microdermabrasion with a hydration mask from 290 PLN
TCA peel 300 PLN
Jessner Peel 290 PLN
Original Peels 300 PLN

Vascular surgery and phlebology

Ultrasound Doppler examination with specialist consultation 250 PLN
Venous Sclerotherapy from 400 PLN
Underwear for compression therapy - Matching 50 PLN

Aesthetic Medicine

Botulinum toxin/ Botox
1 area 550 PLN
Botoxlift the whole face 2000 PLN
Neck lift/ Nefretete lift 1200 PLN
Jaw lift   900 PLN
Bruxism 1200 PLN
Hyperhidrosis 1800 PLN
Migraine 1600 PLN
Gummy smile 500 PLN
Reducing the tone of the neck muscles 1400 PLN
Baby Botox from 600 PLN
Mesobotox from 600 PLN
Wrinkle removal - Hyaluronic Acid from 900 PLN
Removal of dark circles under the eyes 1200 PLN
Lips - correction, hydration or enlargement from 1000 PLN
Nasolabial furrows augmentation from 1200 PLN
Nose Shape Correction 1500 PLN
Volumetry - Face Oval Correction from 1400 PLN
Cheeks and jaw lifting 2400 PLN
Hyaluronic Threads from 1400 PLN
Neck tightening from 1200 PLN
Hand Rejuvenation - Volumetry 1400 PLN
Hydrabooster - Face Hydration 900 PLN
Liftbooster – Face Lift and Hydration 1200 PLN
Injection mesotherapy
Mesotherapy – face, neck or decolletage 550 PLN
Mesotherapy around the eyes or mouth 450 PLN
Hands Mesotherapy 600 PLN
Dermapen - face, neck or decolletage 700 PLN
Dermapen eyes 500 PLN
Prostrolane 1 amp 900 PLN
Aquashine BR, BTX 900 PLN

Body Contouring

Injection Lipolysis with Endermologie (various area) from 490 PLN
Cellulite reduction with Endermologie (various area) from 490 PLN
Ultrasonic Lipolysis + IR from 400 PLN
Thermolift RF  from 500 PLN
Vacuum Massage - endermologie from 250 PLN


Diagnosis of hair loss with treatment plan 300 PLN
Hair growth stimulation - Mesotherapy from 400 PLN