Alopecia therapy

Alopecia therapy

At the beginning of the therapy, it is important to find the cause of hair loss and the type of baldness. A number of tests, imaging tests and laboratory tests are used in diagnostics. Establishing the correct diagnosis will allow you to select the best treatment method.

In the treatment of alopecia, preparations and treatments that strongly stimulate hair growth are used. The treatment is selected by the doctor, for each patient individually, depending on the cause and type of baldness.

Preparations for use both on the scalp and orally can inhibit the process of baldness and even cause it to grow back. However, they must be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Treatments used in the treatment of alopecia are aimed at increasing the blood supply in the area around the hair follicle, and thus better nourishing the hair. This action slows or stops hair loss and facilitates the regrowth of thicker hair in a new growth phase. There are also invasive and costly methods, such as hair transplantation or implantation.

The most effective, non-invasive hair growth stimulating treatments include: