What is it

Botulinum toxin - it is a natural substance produced by anaerobic bacteria. It is chemically a mixture of different proteins, sensitive to temperature. When administered to a muscle, it inhibits the conduction of impulses between the nerve cells and the muscle, which causes the muscles to contract (wrinkle). Due to this ability of Botox as a safe and effective drug, it has been used in aesthetic medicine, neurology, ophthalmology and orthopedics for years. In aesthetic medidine, Botox is used, for example; for mimic wrinkles  and a professionally performed treatment gives spectacular results.


  • Wrinkles - on the forehead, around the eyes, around the mouth, on the neck and neckline
  • For the treatment of hyperhidrosis - forehead, armpits, hands, feet
  • Migraine
  • Bruxism

How it works

The action of botulinum toxin in removing wrinkles is to temporarily block muscle contraction. The return of impulse transmission occurs gradually as new neuromuscular endings are formed. Botulinum only works at the injection site, so there is no risk of spreading.
Since when it has been used
Bacterial toxin was discovered over 120 years ago. Since the end of the 1970s, it has been used for therapeutic purposes in ophthalmology, neurology, orthopedics and aesthetic medicine. It is administered by injection, subcutaneously or intramuscularly at the desired site, in appropriate doses (units).


Botulinum toxin is injected with a thin needle directly into the expression lines. It is very important that the doctor determines the injection sites carefully before the procedure. The procedure takes about 15-30 minutes. It does not require anesthesia. After about half an hour, the injection sites are practically invisible. Please note that this is a drug and therefore can only be administered by a doctor.


The effect builds up gradually, becomes visible after a few days, and the final result is achieved after 10-14 days. We obtain partial or complete elimination of furrows and wrinkles, depending on the given dose. The effect lasts for about 6 months. It depends on individual sensitivity and the depth of wrinkles.

Recommendations after injection

Directly after the injection, the face area should not be warmed up (sun, tanning bed) or strongly cooled. It is not allowed to bend down, lie down or consume alcohol up to 4 hours after the procedure. Makeup should also be avoided in order not to increase the risk of infection after punctures. Also, do not apply pressure to or massage the injection sites.

Do other treatments preclude the use of Botox

Microdermabrasion, laser therapy, hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and peels are not a contraindication to the use of botulinum toxin. On the contrary, different treatments are often associated with the best effect. However, an appropriate time interval between treatments should be kept - about 2 weeks.


Pregnancy, breastfeeding, children under 12 years of age, people who are hypersensitive to the ingredients of the preparation (mainly proteins - albumin), patients with muscle weakness disorders (myasthenia gravis), inflammatory skin diseases (especially purulent, e.g. with acne) and in parallel with some antibiotics or antispasmodics. We do not repeat the procedure to people who develop a strong inflammatory reaction after the injection. The use of salicylates in the prophylaxis of ischemic heart disease is a relative contraindication. About 1% of patients show no reaction to the action of the toxin, but the reason for the lack of effect is still under investigation.

Side Effects

Reactions at the injection site are extremely rare, short-lived and transient. There may be bruising, temporary weakness of the adjacent muscle. Their cause is individual sensitivity to the drug.