Soft Lifting

Soft Lifting

What is it

It’s a precise, non-invasive treatment that lifts the face oval, improves skin hydration, and fills the cavities of the subcutaneous steam. The technique of linear preparation administration is based on the use of a long needle, the so-called a soft cannula with few punctures. It "rises" the skin, allowing the lifting effect to be obtained, while keeping natural facial features. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid of suitable density preparations are used for the treatment. Preparations are being chosen by the doctor after the patient's indications are precisely determined and the areas qualified for the treatment are marked.


Loss of facial contours, loss of subcutaneous and fatty tissue around the eyes, forehead, zygomatic bones, cheeks, in the so-called valley of tears. "Smoker" wrinkles, nasolabial folds, drooping mouth corners, "hamsters".

How it works

The treatment consists in linear administration of hyaluronic acid in the site with tension vectors. Using this technique minimizes the risk of hematomas and gives a natural look. The stimulation of collagen production by hyaluronic acid causes the formation of a collagen network. The preparation is administered along the direction of facial contractions, which is in line with European standards and allows you to model the face area. In addition, the Soft Lifting technique allows you to restore the external appearance in the so-called "difficult" areas such as the eyes, the skin above the upper lip or the temples and eyebrow arches.


Provides restoration of tension, filling, moisture and smoothness of the skin. It gives a natural effect without the risk of unpleasant side effects associated with surgical design. The patient does not have to worry about unforeseen nerves and vessels or visible hematomas. The treatment does not cause discomfort or pain and does not require convalescence.

Indications after the procedure

Immediately after the injection, for 12 hours after the procedure, do not warm up (sun, solarium) or cool the face area, because this may lead to the distribution of the preparation and thus reduce the effect. Makeup should also be avoided in order not to increase the risk of infection after punctures. Do not apply pressure to the puncture sites. Avoid strenuous exercise. Keep at least a 2-week interval between the next aesthetic or cosmetic treatment (including massage).

Do other treatments rule out Soft Lifting?

Microdermabrasion, laser therapy, botulinum toxin and peels are not a contraindication to the use of hyaluronic acid fillings. On the contrary, complex therapy is often used to obtain the best effect. However, an appropriate time interval between treatments should be kept - about 2 weeks.

Side Effects

The puncture marks are almost invisible after 1-2 hours, although the possibility of a bruise can never be ruled out. Very rare reactions at the site of application have been reported. Most of them are symptoms of moderate severity, the most common are pain and slight swelling at the injection site. These ailments are temporary and short-lived.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding, skin infections such as herpes, inflammatory changes, e.g. acne, severe allergy, in particular to HA, recurrent streptococcal infections (angina, rheumatism), immunity disorders, tendency to colloids (keloids). In addition, severe cardiac arrhythmias, epilepsy, porphyria and taking medications that inhibit liver metabolism. Anticoagulant therapy, aspirin, vitamin C increase the risk of hematomas, so it is recommended to discontinue them for 1-2 days before the planned procedure, if possible. Earlier application of a permanent filler.