What is it

This is both a medical and an aesthetic problem. It is characterized by the presence of maculopapular eruptions, blackheads and purulent cysts located in the seborrheic region - face, ears, arms, scalp, chest, back. Most often it occurs among young people, most of the time between the age 15-40.

The reasons

A skin condition associated with overactive sebaceous glands. It is associated with puberty and hormonal changes.

It is much more common among men. It usually has a more severe course. Men's skin is different from women's skin. It has stronger blood supply and a stronger tendency to sweat. It is thicker than the female one and firmer, because it contains more collagen and elastin. However, due to the greater activity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, male skin is oilier, and thus the course of acne is more severe. It is also more prone to irritation and dryness due to regular shaving.


The method of acne treatment is selected by the doctor depending on the severity and duration of the lesions and age of the patient, using pharmacological treatment and appropriate procedures. The basic rule is to avoid monotherapy. The best results in treating acne are achieved by using treatment to stop: excessive production of sebum, increased keratosis of the sebaceous glands, multiplication of bacteria and reduce inflammation. Thanks to modern methods used in aesthetic medicine, we can also effectively remove complications from adolescent acne in the form of: discoloration, uneven skin and acne scars.