What is it

Scars are skin changes - another tissue called fibrous connective tissue develops in the area of ​​the defect.

The reasons

A scar is formed after damage to the skin in its deeper layer.
If the healing process after skin damage is correct, it takes place in several stages, lasting up to several months. At the beginning we have an inflammatory reaction involving various specialized blood cells, then the multiplication of new cells, collagen fibers and blood vessels takes place, then the scar is larger and hard, and in the last stage the scar is rebuilt, faded and modeled. It is important to remember not to judge the scar that develops too quickly after the injury occurs, due to the long, multi-stage healing and remodeling process.

Types of scars

Scars can be of two types: atrophic or hypertrophic (keloids).

Hypertrophic scars protrude above the skin level, their formation is related to the body's tendency to improper wound healing, and they are more common among women.
There are also flat scars, after injuries in which the healing process is disturbed and prolonged, e.g. after burns.


Combination therapies are used in the treatment. It is a long-term process and is aimed at reducing the water content in the changed tissue, restoring the proper production of new vessels and collagen. The changed place evens out, loosens up and fades. The therapy is selected individually, depending on the type of scar, size, location, and the time that has elapsed since its beginning.