What is it

Skin lesions of various origins differ in appearance, shape, size and structure. The most common are viral warts, seborrheic warts and fibromas.
For most patients, they are an aesthetic problem. However, some of them, especially in areas exposed to irritation, may become inflamed or take the form of dangerous neoplastic changes.

Types of warts

Viral warts - caused by infection with the HPV virus. They tend to grow and spread. They can have different locations.

Seborrheic warts - benign skin tumors. They can appear alone or in groups, they appear with age. As they grow, they are exposed to irritation and mechanical damage, and thus inflammation.

Soft fibromas - tiny spherical nodules of various sizes, they can appear anywhere on the skin, individually or in groups. Most often on the eyelids, neck, cleavage, abdomen, back in the folds of the skin. Most often, the tendency to their formation is hereditary and increases with age.

Hard fibromas - histiocytoma. They arise after minor injuries to the skin or after inflammation of the hair follicle. They are single, hard, slightly convex, nodules with discolored skin inside.