What is it

The changes on the feet may affect the skin itself or NAILS. Disturbing symptoms on the skin and nails of the feet: peeling of the skin, dryness, cracking of the skin of the feet, in particular on the heels, VIRAL DOTS (so-called warts), non-healing wounds, itching, changes under the nails as well as discoloration, thickening and deformation of the nails.

The reasons

Changes in the feet may be a symptom of a local disease process, most often infections (bacterial and / or fungal, viral), the result of HYPER50 or a consequence of systemic diseases such as AD, diabetes, psoriasis, melanoma, thyroid disease, circulatory disorders, accumulation of urate in the joints.


It is very important in the diagnosis to exclude systemic diseases.

Depending on the cause, the doctor selects the appropriate therapy.