Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

What is it

Unaesthetic scarring of the skin.

The reasons

The formation of stretch marks is influenced by both genetic and hormonal factors and the use of certain medications. The problem increasingly affects young people as well. Their formation is related to the incorrect production of "defective" collagen. When fibroblasts are disturbed, they begin to produce damaged protein fibers (collagen), the skin loses its elasticity and its resistance to deformation decreases.

Development stages

If your stretch marks are red, pink or purple, this is the best time to start treatment as it means the bands are in the inflammatory phase. The effectiveness of the treatment at this stage is high. If the changes are pearly white, it means that they have already entered the scarring phase. In this situation, we can obtain smoothing of the skin surface with a slight color change. Treatment of stretch marks involves stimulating fibroblasts to produce proper collagen. The effectiveness of the treatment of stretch marks is determined by the selection of the appropriate therapy and the phase in which they are located.