Blood Vessels (face&body)

Blood Vessels (face&body)

What is it

Widened, tiny blood vessels on the face and body. In addition, on the skin of the trunk, there may be the first points of red spots, the flow of small hemangiomas, their number increases with age.

The first symptom, which predisposes to the expansion of dilated capillaries, the so-called telangiectasia on the face is erythema. Untreated changes on the face can lead to the development of rosacea. Capillaries developing on the lower extremities may be a sign of developing venous insufficiency.

The reasons

External factors

Damage to small blood vessels is done by impacting the temperature, sun or wind, as well as poor diet and stimulants (coffee, alcohol, cigarettes).

Internal factors

The formation of changes also has to do with our genetics. People with dry, thin and sensitive skin are less resistant to external influences. The walls of the vessels are less flexible, which means that they are at least susceptible and more prone to damage, and erythema occurs. In addition, the condition of the veins is influenced by changes in hormones, debates about estrogen and progesterone (pregnancy, contraception)
Vascular skin of special and prophylaxis, inter alia, stacks of sunscreen creams.