What is it

That is increased sweating. Excessive sweating in the area of ​​armpits, hands, feet or forehead is quite troublesome, it interferes with both everyday social contacts and work.

Sweating is a natural process in the body. It is a mechanism for regulating body temperature. Under normal conditions, it depends mainly on body and environmental temperature.

The reasons

Excessive sweating occurs with increased temperature and humidity of the environment, after exercise, stress, some foods (strong coffee, tea, alcohol, spicy spices), but it can be the result of various disorders and diseases: infectious, hormonal, neurological, and cancerous. It can also be associated with menopause and andropause.


Hyperhidrosis may be local or generalized. We can influence the local types of sweating, but in case of diseases and general hyperhidrosis, the cause should be treated.