What is it

Dandruff is a fine exfoliation of the smooth skin or scalp. Most often it is accompanied by increased seborrhea. It is chronic and recurrent. Due to the appearance, area of ​​occurrence and type, we can distinguish white smooth skin dandruff, ordinary scalp dandruff, oily dandruff (which produces yellow scabs) or dry pink dandruff. It can affect people of all ages. It is a problem for many people, it causes great discomfort in functioning and stress.

The reasons

Dandruff is the result of excessive, accelerated peeling of the epidermis.

Many factors contribute to its creation. Internal factors include: hormonal disorders, decreased immunity, allergies, stress as well as improper diet (excess sugar, fats and starch) and genetic predisposition. External factors are: excessive use of cosmetics, poor hygiene, dry rooms.

Dandruff is closely related to the presence of the Malassezia furfur fungus, which is present on the skin under physiological conditions. In addition, pink dandruff can have bacterial, viral, fungal causes, and may be result of a reaction to insect bites.


Treatment is complex and depends on the type of dandruff and where it occurs. There are many preparations that are well-chosen to effectively combat symptoms and prevent relapse.