The most common aesthetic problems

Asymmetry, decrease in the volume and firmness of the lips, drooping corners and sagging lips edges.

The reasons

Full, sensual lips are the pride of every woman, unfortunately, with age, changes associated with the aging process of the skin and lip redness appear. These changes consist in reducing the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid - i.e. dehydration.

LOSS OF VOLUME, SMALL LIPS - modern aesthetic medicine offers a full range of hyaluronic acid preparations specially designed for filling and correcting the shape of the lips.

Based on many studies, it has been found that by affecting the skin cells, hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of our own hyaluronan, collagen and elastin, which prevents skin aging.

Properly performed treatment allows you to obtain the effect of healthy, natural, firm lips. It also provides long-lasting hydration of the lips. Depending on your needs, you can fill only the upper or lower lip, only the corners and the entire mouth. The amount and type of preparation is always selected individually for each patient, after prior consultation.

Before the procedure, superficial or infiltrative dental anesthesia is used. The type of anesthesia is also selected individually.

DROOPING ANGLES OF THE LIPS - they give the face a fierce, sad look, are associated with the aging process of the skin and lip redness, gravity, the disappearance of natural fat "pads" around the mouth, but also are the result of the strong work of the muscles lowering the corners.